As you play through Survival 404 you may see players flying or going at an extremely high rate of speed. Some of these bugs also known as, "Glitches." The most common glitch is the, "Flying Glitch". If your getting the need to let's say go hijack someone's Galleon or sneak into their castle, you will need either one of the folling: a Berry, or an Apple. When you get the either one of those items 1) Take it out of your backpack and place it in front of you. 2) Use your tool that is used to move items and move it onto the crack at about where your knees would be. 3) After that your legs should both be synchronized as they move back and forth. 4) Finally you will walk forward and take to the skies as if you were a bird and look upon everyone else!

Please add more onto this page and/or message me on roblox about a glitch you or a friend may know about.

~Punchofdeath November-19th,2012 11:09P.M.